#6 The Fun:

As a child we attended rendezvous. This is a reenactment of the pre 1840s.  We slept in a tepee, carried knifes, shot black powder rifles and cannons! Needless to say this shit was fun as hell. i learned to make a fire from flint and steel, weave baskets, sew (even if I’m not that good at it) and use common sense.

the kids in my “neighborhood” and myself all had access to quads or four wheelers, go karts, dune buggies, trucks and horses. Things got broken… but we fixed them!

I learned to drive a go kart about the age of 8 followed by quads then trucks.

We stated out until the sun went down. After dark we played man hunt in the front yard.

I learned to shoot a bow and arrow, throw knives and tomahawks and even make a potato cannon.

One summer me and my brothers decided to dig a big ass hole, like a swimming pool but it was more like a mud hole, we even made a slide. It stayed about two summers before our dad filled it in.

We had a fort in the back yard and a few self-made tree houses in the neighbor’s woods.

Summers were hot so we would swim in just about anything. Ponds, rock pits, stock tanks etc. We would use canoes homemade rafts and borrowed boats… image 5 kids carrying a boat down a dirt road on foot in 100 degree weather.

I’m not sure how we didn’t get sick or lose and fingers but we all made out okay all things considered.

We were young and wild. We learned through action and play.

Commonly Misunderstood

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“What is” in simple terms we all understand. Related to life and its lessons without all the bullshit. And maybe a few jokes so chill the fuck out.

What is an “Asset”?

Simply put…. Ass puts out. Meaning and asset will provide you with income or value.

Example: rental property provides income. Renting a room or a car also provides money. Many times you can make a liability and asset by renting it out….. If you do this don’t forget to account for the cost and upkeep of the rental. Side note:  using actual ass as an asset can get messy.

What is a “Liability”?

  • Simply put… Bitches Lie…a liability will cost you.

Example: your home, family members and car all cost you money. Kids are not cheap and neither are pets or women. Liabilities are not always bad but must be considered in a budget.

What is “income”?

  • Simply put… Money that comes in.

Remember there are many types and categories of income a few examples are : earned, unearned, passive, capital gains, legal, illegal, self-employment, wages in kind and donations to name a few.  An example of illegal earned income from self-employment would be a hooker. however if she has a pimp she has earned income because she physically works for the money but is not self-employed because her pimp gives her job duties and he gets a cut of the money in the form of “pimp taxes”. She could still file a 1099 tax form but will not be the “owner” she could be considered contract labor… but she might not want to say she’s a hoe.

What is an “Expense”?

  • Simply put: you gonna pay.

Example: rent, water, food, school supplies, medical bills, and beer.

What is “Gross income”?

  • Simply put… money you could get and worked for.

Gross income is called gross because you don’t see this amount and it’s gross. But for real it’s the amount you earned BEFORE state and federal tax. And sometimes “Pimp tax”

What is “Net income”?

  • Simply put… money you can actually spend.

Net income is the money you actually get after state and federal tax. It’s called net because the lower amount traps you in a net and forces you to work for money you will never see.

What is “Choice”?

  • Simply put… you got options even if they are shitty.

You can chooses to go to work, get dressed, cut your hair, kick a dog, get drunk, slap a hoe or even stop at a red light. It’s not about right or wrong or should or could. It’s about the ability to make a “selection of action” or a choice. You don’t HAVE to stop for that red light, but be ready for the consequence. Don’t get it twisted.

What is “Mandatory”?

  • Simply put… you don’t have an option.

Things that are mandatory don’t offer you a way out. You live on earth? Gravity is mandatory.  You occupy a living human body? A heart beat will happen. Mandatory is something you can’t change. Like death… that shits gonna hit you someday NOT an option. There are not many things in life that are mandatory.  People just say they have no choice to excuse them from making a shitty choice or not taking action in their own life. PLEASE think about this concept!!

What is a “consequence”?

  • Simply put… just an effect of an action. Could be good, bad or neutral. Shit happens.

Example: you CHOOSE to kick a dog you might get bit, or he could run off and you just saved a kid.. Whatever. This is not about what you SHOULD do to be a good person. It’s just the effect of a cause and can be a pro or a con.  Cause = choice / consequence = effect. If you don’t know the relation of cause and effect listen to Afro Man’s song “Cuz I got high” and this should clarify the relations of cause and effect.

I find this funny. If you don’t too bad. If you do YAY!


Am I the only one

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Am I the only one who thinks that with the growth of technology and advances in medicine that the population has not been able to advance or even retain common scene?

Fixing things or figuring out how something works.

Scheduling how log an item or good will last.

Awareness of surroundings and dangers.

Consequences of actions and probability of damage.

I don’t know but maybe it was just how I grew up. Rough and tumble taught me a lot. I think perhaps being indoors so much has left children lacking in the lessons that adventure can teach.